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Soundbrenner Mobile App Wireframe

As an intern, I had to research and redesign the onboarding process for the mobile app "The Metronome" to encourage offline and online sales. In the end, I presented a wireframe for the mobile app.

I first took a look at the current onboarding process to see the flow and different options where users can see product information and call-to-actions to purchase the product off of the mobile app. There weren't many so I decided to start the mobile app off with key features of the product right from the start. 

Current Onboarding process - New frame.j

The mobile app was free, but we did need the users to create an account before starting. I decided to suggest a new process that was less gated, meaning the card that asked users to create an account or login was the very last card. I wanted the user to look at the features and then be persuaded to view more about the product, so I made the natural option green and the first, to push users towards learning more at the final card with two call-to-action buttons.

Users were able to receive a discount code for pressing the button to learn more about the product. This was an easy fix to the problematic onboarding process. Tools used was RealtimeBoard because this was easy to share my designs with the CEO and the team. 


Tools used: RealtimeBoard