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Proudly made in Montréal 


I have had the opportunity to create and design logos from scratch for several startups and projects,

from university projects to deep tech startups. These are some that I am most proud of. 

The Captivators was a university student project that needed a logo. My friend came to me with a few requests. It must include the Gooseberry Captivator image and since they had five people in their group, the number "5" must also be present in the logo.


I went for a casual feel for the Gooseberry Captivator fruit image and added some dynamics to the logo by having different colours for the actual font of the logo. The number five was added at the end and bolded in black and in a different font to make the 5 pop. I was pleased with the end result as it was youthful and fit the style of the group. 


Tribon was a logo created for a deep tech startup that allowed a user to recharge batteries by their footsteps. After meeting with the co-founder, we decided that featuring a on/off symbol in the logo would be beneficial. The font used was chosen because it aligned well with the on/off logo, and had a simple look to it. 

The co-founder wanted the black rings around the logo to create a vibration effect. I hesitated but tried to make it work with their request. Looking back, one thing I would have changed is suggested not to put the rings around the overall logo as it distracts the user and creates a lot of unnecessary empty space.

I used Adobe Illustrator for these logos because it was easy to scale for different formats such as print or digital use. Most often the teams and groups will need to have logos on social media or on banners so this was easy for the teams as well.

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator