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Japanese Menu

The concept was to design a menu for the happy hour that I was hosting for my team at Airbnb. My theme for the happy hour was centred around Japan, complete with Japanese drinks and snacks for the evening.

Japanese Menu.PNG

I wanted the guests to have a simple yet elegant experience, so I created this menu with those points in mind. I used a light salmon pink as the background colour because it reminded me of the pink flower petals from Japan that you see often in photos.

Next, I placed the graphic of Mt. Fuji in the background, setting a light transparent filter on it so that it was a subtle highlight. Along with the red rising sun, a symbol on the Japanese flag, I feel that these two elements helped bring the theme together in the menu because they were so iconic in modern culture. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 6.46.36 PM.png

For the typeface, I chose Raleway. Known for its elegant sans-serif typeface suitable for large size usage, it was perfect for the menu. It was something that looked good in both English, French, and Japanese because I had audiences that spoke different languages. 

I used Canva because I was restricted in time and Canva offered a easy solution for my basic needs. 

Tools used: Canva