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Wireframe for Brookfield Residential

I was tasked with redesigning and creating an internal website for Brookfield Residential Properties that allowed the company to communicate successes, news, and statistics related to sustainability to internal stakeholders.  

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The problem was that it had to be built on Mircosoft SharePoint, and I was limited to drag and drop templates and solutions. 

I tackled the project starting with the needs and goals of the company alongside with how much content we had. Because we wanted to showcase news, photos, videos, and events, there were many moving pieces and parts that needed to be featured. 

With this in mind, I created a wireframe for the homepage that would feature a slider, to showcase the latest news and media. I created "I want to..." sections to force the user to make a decision on the homepage to make the flow much simpler. We had four main pillars we wanted to showcase and I wanted to keep it simple and use four graphics with a call to action button on each quadrant. 


Inside the "I want to.." subpages, the goal was to showcase different resources and links to projects that the company was working on. A tile layout was suggested to bring a standardized layout for the subpages. At the bottom a slider was used to showcase "Hero Stories" and although it was important, it was not the main focus of the subpages. 


For the four pillars, I focused more on visual graphics for content rather than written content. Pillars are meant to be core values of something and to reflect that mindset, I designed these four subpages with the goal of displaying the four pillars in action. 

I used MockFlow WireframePro for this project because it was an efficient software to use and at the time I did not have experience with any other software. Microsoft Sway was used to create mockups of pages and to test content because it worked well with the overall Microsoft tool solutions. 

Tools used: Microsoft SharePoint, MockFlow WireframePro, Microsoft Sway